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Terms & Conditions

  1. Vitamare Consulting (UK) Limited hereinafter referred to as the Company and the client hereinafter referred as the client.
  2. These terms and conditions are an integral part of any agreement between the Company and the client and between the Company and any third party or parties entered into the agreement. By presentation of these terms and conditions by the Company, the client certifies that he/they we accept and understand all provisions of any business conducted by/with the client and that these terms and conditions shall be in force during or after any business conducted by the Company and the client, be those private or commercial.
  3. The Company offers a full refund of fees guarantee, providing the client has fully disclosed to the Company any possible credit problems that may affect any bank application. The client is required to fully disclose any court judgment or credit arrears that the Company may consider will adversely affect any application made to any bank on behalf of the client.
  4. The Company will not under any circumstances refund fees on the basis of a cancellation of any transaction that the client chooses at his/her discretion. Furthermore, no refund will be given in the event that the client fails to disclose facts about their financial or legal status including any past or pending convictions of a criminal nature. The Company takes this matter very seriously. Clients are advised that it is an offence to obtain goods and services by deception. Failure to disclose is an offence if such information is withheld whilst applying for Bank facilities.
  5. The Company will only refund fees on the basis that having accepted the client's pre-paid fee, the Company is unable to provide the service promised and accepted by the client under the Company's standard terms and conditions contained herewith.
  6. The Company provides its services on a 'best efforts' basis.
  7. Due to current US legislation we are unable to supply any corporation or bank account facility to US clients.
  8. Offshore Trust:  Clients engaging the Companies services to form an offshore trust are advised to take legal and accountancy advice. The Company or its officers are not qualified to offer professional advice.
  9. If at any time during the lifetime of the Trust, the settlor of the Trust wishes to break up the trust where the Company, its officers or individuals act as ‘Protector or Trustee’ a termination fee will be charged equivalent to five years fees. The Company, its officers or individuals will require an indemnity from the ‘Settlor’ of the Trust before the Trust is dissolved.
  10. The Company will not be responsible or liable for any monies/funds/securities, purchases or advice or recommendation made directly or indirectly to any client by any officer of the Company, either singly or jointly to/on behalf of its clients. Furthermore, the Company will not accept responsibility loss or fraudulent activity of any financial instrument, cheque draft or debenture sent by the Company to any Banking institution on behalf of any client or Corporation.
  11. The referral by the Company to any bank or financial institution of any kind does not carry any warrantee or guarantee of the financial stability of any bank or financial institution that the Company may introduce or recommend the client to, for the provision of banking/financial services. It is up to the client to due his/her due diligence on the bank or institution.
  12. The Company does not accept any liability in the event of any financial failing or fraudulent activity or any dishonesty in any way by any bank/financial institution that the Company introduces the client to.
  13. In the event of any bankruptcy or administration/receivership of any bank/financial institution that the Company have introduced the client to, that the client will deal directly with the banks receivers or administrators, and will in no way contact the Company regarding the recovery of any funds due in any way to the client by the bank. Failure by the client to adhere to this clause will make the client liable to legal action by the Company.
  14. In the event of any successful application by the Company on behalf of the client to any bank/financial institution, the clients agrees to operate the account his/herself and not under any circumstances request demand or order the Company to handle or operate the clients bank account(s) on behalf of the client.
  15. The Company will not under any circumstances provide any information on the client to any third party without the clients express permission unless a legal High Court Order is presented upon the company.
  16. The Company is not liable for any mistakes, delay non-payment by any bank/third party.
  17. The Company reserves the right to terminate relations with the client if the Company receives any information forcing it to do so.
  18. The Company reserves the right to alter or change these terms and conditions at any time without prior warning to the client.
  19. The Company reserves the right to change or alter the pricing structure on any documentation or website without prior notice.
  20. The Company and client agree that any and all disputes, including those involving any third party, will be settled by negotiation. If both/either all parties fail to reach an agreement, then the parties will appoint arbitrators in the country where the dispute originated. Such matters shall be final and exclusively settled by arbitration without recourse to law in any country or jurisdiction.
  21. Once the client has taken control of their IBC, the Company hold no further responsibility and offer no warranty regarding the continued association with any bank or financial institution to which the Company have provided introduction.  Banks and financial institutions reserve the right to close any or all accounts and/ or facilities if they deem this necessary.  In such situations it is not the responsibility the Company to intervene in any dispute between any bank or financial institution.
  22. The Company will not be responsible or liable for any investments, securities or purchases or advice made directly or indirectly to/on behalf of its clients, singly or jointly, severally or corporately. Under no circumstances will the Company be responsible for the performance, recommendation, dishonesty or lack of performance, by any third party or introduction made by the Company. The client accepts that the Company acts and gives advice only in good faith.
  23. The Company are not licensed deposit takers and do not or will not accept funds other than fees paid directly for the Company's services.
  24. The Company accepts no liability for the client's statutory responsibility for any UK or offshore company in any jurisdiction whatsoever.
  25. The Company and its officers are not qualified to give legal, financial or taxation advice, nor do they do so. Clients are recommended to obtain advice from a qualified professional before entering into the purchase of any offshore company, bank account or the creation of an offshore trust.
  26. Any advice or recommendation given by the Company is solely a reflection of the Company's understanding of the current position of its products in the market place. The Company does not guarantee or give any warranty for the performance or protection of any offshore trust or corporate structure of any kind.
  27. Once any bank account, onshore or offshore is opened on behalf of any client or corporate entity, the account must be run by the client or corporate entity. The Company can and will not assist in running any private or corporate bank account on behalf of its clients
  28. While we endeavour to provide merchant card services with pre-approval, we cannot guarantee the performance of the merchant card provider after the point of sale.  Therefore it is essential that clients provide true and accurate information at the time of application. Clients will still have a legal responsibility for the payment of fees of IBCs and bank accounts regardless of the outcome of the merchant card facility arrangement.
  29. The Client understands that an annual renewal fee will be payable to keep their company/Trust in good legal standing and failure to renew will result in the company/Trust being suspended, resulting in a restoration fee being applied.

02 Why Us

We are a firm believer in our values, our vision serves as our guide to every aspect of our business. Our business does not depend on advertising as the majority of our clients are referred to us from existing ones – a testament to our service. We always deliver what we promise. We aim to under-promise and over-deliver.

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Cyprus Address: 8 Kennedy Avenue, 1st Floor Office 101, Nicosia CY-1087, Cyprus
Postal Address: P.O. BOX 26557, Nicosia CY-1640, Cyprus
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